Seek Adventure from the Cards


About Fat Bird Studios


Fat Bird Studios is a small indie company located in Burlington, Vermont. Our team is made up of three women: two game designers and one artist.



About Us


McKenzie Shea, sometimes called Mish, has a real passion for creating games and working with teams. She is a senior at Champlain College majoring in game design, and when she’s not making games she can be found drawing or writing. She is the team member with the deepest understanding of tarot. 


Amila Nuhodzic is a game art student at Champlain College specializing in illustrations and UI art/design. In her spare time, she enjoys crafts of all kinds, sitting in a room with plants, and spending time with her one-eyed cat.

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Kayla Miskiv is in her senior year at Champlain College where she studies game design and game programming. In the spring of 2018 she worked at the Emergent Media Center as a UX designer, and at the Champlain Career Collaborative as a peer career coach. She is an animal lover and is looking forward to adopting a dog sometime after graduation. 

Rad Magpie

This game is being developed with the help of Rad Magpie, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting underrepresented creators and radical interactive media. Querent is one of two games currently sponsored for the summer for 2018.