Seek Adventure from the Cards


seek adventure from the cards

Querent is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses tarot cards to create a narrative-driven and personal experience. 


Querent is a new take on tabletop roleplaying games.

What if character, world, and campaign creation could be easier?

With tarot cards, we can create a system that randomizes world, character, and campaign creation, yet makes every element feel “fated”. 

Instead of using dice, formulas, and pre-created campaigns, our game allows the player to generate unique and rich experiences by using tarot cards. It combines the personal experience of a tarot reading with the adventures of a roleplaying game. This makes the game more narrative-driven instead of statistic-driven. 

Our game will include a guidebook which provides potential interpretations for what each card in each position of a spread could mean in the context of your story. 

Why Tarot Cards?

Tarot is a lot more personal than numbers, and every card allows for a variety of interpretations. Our goal is to combine the structure of “spreads" with the structure of a roleplaying game.

Spreads are a method in which tarot card readers physically lay out cards on the table and interprets what the cards mean. Interpreting spreads provides the basis for all elements of this game. 

The more a person plays, the more they learn about the potential meanings of tarot cards, which means less referencing the book and more time playing! For those more experienced with tarot, players can also bring in their own spreads to enhance the game and generate fun.


Extensive knowledge of tarot is not required in order to play our game


We’ve been interviewed! Listen to how we breakdown Querent’s systems with Ray at [insert quest here], and learn more about us and how author Rachel Brune plans to use Querent to make a character!

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